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2023 Clergy Evaluation- SPRC

Deadline is June 12, 2023.

You can complete & submit a form in one session, or leave the form to complete & submit later. To save your form in progress click on the Save and Continue button on the right side (it will appear after you begin filling out the form. Be sure to type in your email address).A link will appear at the top of the page. *It is important to highlight, copy and save this linkbefore exiting out. You may paste this link in the address bar of your browser to re-enter your session at any time. Note: once you submit the form, the link will no longer be available.

After completion, print this formfor your records before hitting submit by clicking the print button above.


Submitting this form is the last step of the review process. It is a conglomerate of the individual SPRC member reviews, clergy self-review and the conversation between the clergy and SPRC. Prior to the chair submitting this form, you will have printed up the PDF and distributed to each SPRC member (at least 5 people). Alternatively, if your church is more digital, the SPRC could create an online survey with the questions. Each SPRC member will individually fill out the review. Next, collate the data to create an average score for each dimension and offer useful comments.

Once this is done, the pastor joins the staff parish where the committee will share their results and the pastor will share her/his reflections. Please note, the pastors review contains other confidential information so they may not share the actual review but will be prepared to offer their own rankings and comments.

Together the SPRC and pastor will decide what to write for Part 2 of this form. Once all of this is done, the chair can fill out this form.

*indicates required field (if a required field is left blank, the form will not submit)


Below are the 12 dimensions of ministry that can be found in Effective Ministry 360. Each pastor brings particular strengths and growth opportunities for these areas. Please read through each dimension of ministry and rate your pastors effectiveness with the following scale:

1--Highly ineffective


3--Neither effective nor ineffective


5--Highly effective

Please keep in mind that the way a pastor engages in each dimension of ministry can take many forms. They can be directly involved, develop teams to administer the tasks/ministries, resource others in the area, or develop community connections.

Administration and Organization:

Caregiving (pastoral care):

Connectional Service:

Evangelism and Outreach:

Agile Leadership:

Developing and Maintaining Relationships:

Mission and Service and Social Justice:

Preaching and Worship Leadership:


Strategic Planning and Implementation:

Team Leadership:

Training and Development of Ministry Partners:

Part 2

  • Write a brief paragraph summarizing the clergy evaluation.
  • List two strengths/skills for ministry and how clergy will continue to develop them?
  • List two areas of growth for the clergy with specific ways the clergy will address them.
  • What is God calling this church to do in the next 12 months and how can the pastor help accomplish these goals?

Please type the SPRC Chair and Pastor's names below as well as the names of the SPRC Committee.

(typing your name you agree on this as your electronic signature)

Print this form for your records before hitting submit by clicking the print button at the top of the form.

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